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Live Streaming During Coronavirus Pandemic

Streaming Opens Virtual Market for Entrepreneurs Miami, Florida – May 26, 2020 - Herren Media LLC and LATAM Digital deliver ‘first of its kind’ live streaming pay-per-view-event for one of Mexico’s largest event promoters – MB Entertainment.

The first live stream pay-per view Jaripeo, a Mexican bull riding and musical event, debuted May 10, 2020 from the Los Destructores ranch in Mexico. The early success has prompted MB Entertainment to commit to streaming additional live shows, including two events scheduled for this coming weekend May 30 and May 31, 2020…more details can be found at

The global pandemic has created a seemingly insurmountable challenge for the live event and exhibition businesses – how to quickly pivot to a sustainable, revenue generating virtual model. While over-the-top (OTT) video streaming technology to support live/video-on-demand, multi-monetization strategies and global distribution direct to consumers has been around for over fifteen years, many premium content owners and producers have found the accelerated ‘push’ into a virtual economy to be difficult. 

“The barrier of entry has less to do with the available tech but rather the fundamentals, such as understanding the most effective business strategy, researching and deploying the best available streaming tools, building with intent to scale, and of course having the team that can manage the process from end-to-end” shares Matt Herren, Managing Partner of Herren Media LLC. “Our team recognized this gap in the market and we were able to quickly respond to the need”, echoes David Guerra, President LATAM Digital. 

Producing and promoting traditional bull riding events called ‘Jaripeos’, is the primary focus for MB Entertainment and its CEO Edgar Munoz. But with audiences unable to attend the events due to the COVID-19 social distancing restrictions, Munoz had to rethink his business overnight. “The pandemic offered few options, innovate or do nothing, the choice was obvious…we just needed the right team.” The first live-streamed event reached thousands of avid fans throughout Mexico, the United States and across the globe. “To be able to expand our audience reach, and build a direct relationship with our fans is very exciting”, say Munoz. 

“We knew it was important for MB Entertainment to directly connect with their fans, control the paywall, and own their own data”, says Guerra. With the premier of the first event – Los Destructores, May 10, 2020 – MB Entertainment delivered a premium product directly to global fans in the comfort and safety of their homes. “It can be challenging to modify and innovate your business in the best of times, what MB Entertainment was able to do with our help is truly the story of entrepreneurial spirit and the courage to adapt. We are excited about helping MB Entertainment grow its burgeoning live stream business, as well as help other businesses navigate the new virtual economy,” adds Herren. ----- About Herren Media LLC HerrenMedia LLC, founded in 2013, is a media and technology consulting and services firm delivering content development, distribution and sales & marketing strategies to help businesses evolve in the virtual economy.

About LATAM Digital LATAM Digital is a consulting company specialized in distribution of media products and technology solutions for today’s consumer, focused in the US Hispanic Market and Latin America. About MB Entertainment

MB Entertainment is a dynamic event production company focused on the US-Hispanic market and Mexico, dedicated to developing and producing premium live entertainment events. 

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